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Nomadic Fulani dining is all about bringing people together and breaking bread in a community-style setting

Chef Binta

Born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to first-generation Sierra Leonean Fulani of Guinean descent, Chef Fatmata Binta is a modern-day nomadic chef connected to the Fulani culture, customs, and cuisine of the biggest Nomadic group in West and Central Africa. She grew up in a Fulani community, and the culinary inspiration she sought propelled her onto the global stage. Her vision for gastronomy is an invitation for guests to step outside of their comfort zone and explore flavor and sustenance inspired by the palettes of Fulani women. It focuses on celebrating the undervalued and underused ingredients in Africa.

Chef Binta’s Nomadic fine dining experience with traditional Fulani cuisine has translated to her recent awards — the 2022 Basque Nobel Culinary World Prize, the most prestigious award in the culinary world, she is also the Winner of the Best Chef Rising Star Awarded 2021.
Fatmata Binta is a Chef, ancient grain Fonio Advocate, and United Nations Responsible Tourism Ambassador (UNWTO)
She is the Founder of Fulani Kitchen Foundation, Founded in 2020. Bloomberg also created a video to showcase Chef Binta’s vision and mission and to highlight the ancient grain fonio, which Chef Binta sees as a solution to food security in Africa and the rest of the world. She recently launched the global chef’s challenge in collaboration with FAO to get cooks and foodies around the world to use more millets, including a Fonio campaign challenging restaurants in Accra and around the world to use this iconic grain.
It was important for her nomadic restaurant “Dine on a Mat” to reflect the nomadic lifestyle of the Fulani people, always on the go promoting sustainable and ethical sourcing practices and empowering women in the Fonio value chain.
Chef Binta has traveled to many countries to explore diverse cooking techniques, ingredients and ways of life as well as collaborating with internationally renowned chefs.